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Game Development and Apps

With the growing market of smartphones, iPhone and Android in the lead, applications and mobile games are increasingly integrated into the business model of companies in the broader mobile business (tourism, press, online stores, etc.).

But what are the keys to the success of an application or a game on the mobile platform?

"According to the report published by IDC games / App Annie, in 2012 more than 20,000 million games for mobile devices, including tablets have been downloaded."

Among the factors that may have driven this trend can include:

  • The widespread penetration of mobile devices and increasing their consumption as the main source of information, entertainment and leisure.

  • The development of mobile technology, which provides a positive user navigation experience, providing audiovisual content consumption and games.

  • The adoption of online games by women. What is a new niche market? According to an EEDAR study published in October 2012, 63% of online gamers are women moving through.

With over 6 years working with business development and publication of video games and mobile apps, Three Girls Studio has a full team that specializes in all steps of the creation of any video game and mobile application.

You have an idea for a video game and you want to develop it? Tell us your idea and we will inform you about the possibilities of development and product viability.

You do not have any ideas yet, but you want to improve the visibility of your business through a mobile application? Contact us and we will raise a document design and production timeline.

Cosmic Buddies

Now the Little ones of the house will have the chance to learn and play with their new friends from outer space, helping them return back to their planet. Along the way they will learn of different countries from our world, this time they will know France.

With this fun cultural-learning game the kids will develop their cognitive skills, improve their memory, reflexes, shape identification and good principles, like friendship and pet caring...

Go all over the country with your outer space friends and find new mini games. Learn, invite and challenge your friends be the first one from the ranking.

Mass Media that will include a TV series, an Internet series, 2 mobile video games full of fun, merchandising and much more...

  • 2 game modes, Survival and Time Attack.
  • 5 Playable characters
  • 13 beautiful backgrounds
  • Colourful settings
  • Plenty of mini games with increasing difficulty.
  • Engaging HD graphics.

Available for iOS and Android devices on September 5th
Published by FunBox UK.
Developped by Bits Cake.

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Many marketing companies do not yet have sufficient knowledge in game design to be able to create concepts that harness the potential of advergaming.

The success of this new form of marketing is that video games offer unique conditions that other medias don’t..


1. 225 million people worldwide play online games for free and in several countries of Latin America, 60% of users play online (Brazil, Mexico, etc.).

2. Between 15 and 30 minutes is the time spent playing an advergame: much higher than the 2 seconds that are dedicated to a pop-up (Federation of E-commerce and Direct Marketing).

3. Online games have grown faster than any other form of entertainment (24% according to Jupiter Mediametix).

4. This is a form of advertising that does not bother the user. While over 40% of Internet users say they feel uncomfortable with the presence of banners, advergames do not bother the user, on the contrary, it creates a viral effect which the user recommends to the rest of his friends.

The memorization of information when the user is playing, is 10 times greater than when they’re watching TV (University of Michigan).

At Three Girls Studio, our marketing experts, video game design and computer programmers work hand in hand to develop a strategy focused on advertising persuasion techniques, retaking all games’ technology to create a positive and beneficial gameplay experience to the customer.

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