Marketing 360º for apps and video games

Customers are increasingly using “alternative” channels to locate products and services.

If you are not attending these channels, you are failing to sell.

Is that what you really want?

Multichannel marketing can help you sell through all channels. Traditionally, companies have addressed the most common way to get sales made to its treasury. Times are changing, today it is possible to buy via mobile phone or digital television, and of course the internet.

People use this media with increasing frequency. Do not think they are losing income and take the road to ruin. Companies that do not update their customer relationships are doomed to disappear.

At Threee Girls Studios we know that a game development studio does not always have a marketing team that is responsible for positioning the product. For this reason, we are specialized in transmedia marketing and 360º promotion for all kind of video game and app.

Our employees are specialized in online campaigns and use the tools and the latest technology to introduce your product into the market.

Our goal: to give visibility to your products and position your brand.

We always give the best results with effective marketing strategies that provide a great return on investment for our customers. If you have a game or a mobile application and do not know how to make it known, contact us and we will develop an action plan based on customer requirements.

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Web design and programming

Threee Girls Studio develops projects that use the internet as a communication channel, taking care of usability, accessibility and indexing of content by search engines.

Early Birds

We develop custom programming to design applications that optimize time, cost and information control in relationships with customers, suppliers and within the company itself.

If one of the goals of your company is to expand your business, reduce costs and time, improve the quality of service offered, better communicate your products, increase collaboration with suppliers, customers, employees, etc., we can afford it.

At Three Girls Studio, we use the internet as a tool to achieve business goals.

At Three Girls Studio we undertake web projectsfrom conception to final delivery. We will lead you with an elegant design and brief information, a dynamic website with content management systems, shopping carts, user area, forums, news, etc.

Whatever you need, contact us and we will work hand in hand to your liking and according to your specific needs..

Each project requires specialized attention and dedication. That is why at Three Girls Studio, we study your needs, we discuss the possibilities and define good lines to follow before starting the project. we study your needs, we discuss the possibilities and define good lines to follow before starting the project. This will achieve the desired objectives and in accordance with custom. Our dedication to your project will be high and the end result will be unique and exclusive thanks to our team of programmers and designers.

Any questions? Contact us and we will inform you!

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Social Networks

Early Bird

The Community Management has become an important task for businesses because it collects vital customer information and communicates it to the company to meet those needs.

In Three Girls Studio, we have experienced community managers in all sectors specializing in any market.

Why hire us to take care of your social networks?

The relationships between brands and consumers have been completely transformed by the internet, and create new opportunities in the market.

How do we add value to your company in its communication in digital environments?
  • We manage the online reputation of your company and your products.
  • We design and develop online marketing strategies to manage the reputation of the company on the internet, social networks and virtual communities.
  • We use the latest tools and cutting-edge technology that assist in the management, procurement and obtaining results on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other communities.

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Over 7 years working in communications, marketing and advertising make our team a solid block in experienced leisure sectors such as film, television, video games, etc.

It is our aim and that is why we think, analyze, consult, and study each of the proposals in order to make effective each of the projects, not to mention the profitability and viability.

We work in all the following aspects of communication:

  • Direct Mail
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Guerrilla campaigns
  • Brand Activations
  • Design communication strategy
  • Creation and production of corporate files
  • Press release translation
  • Specialized Media Relations
  • Press kits
  • Events
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To measure the ability of the company and the degree of adaptation to the environment, nowadays, remains a service that just takes place in Spain.

Do not forget that the Spanish companies often lack preventive mentality added to changes, makes companies catch them off guard with the serious consequences it entails, as has happened in the crisis of 2008 and 2009.

What are the reasons why you might need marketing audit by Three Girls Studio? Conducting a marketing audit with us gives you the following advantages:

  • Entry of new or growing competitors.
  • Decreased sales.
  • Changes in consumer habitat.
  • Desire to enhance their online presence.
  • Optimization of marketing expenses.
  • Growth below the industry average.
  • High Skilled experience in video games companies.
  • Ability to perform diagnostics.
  • Objectivity and independence in our work.
  • Strong dose and image viewing.
  • Ability to assess where the problems occur.
  • Large capacity for analysis and synthesis.
  • Ability to evaluate results.
  • Decision and character.
Three Girls Studio distinguish six basic stages in conducting an audit:
  • • Obtain initial briefing.
  • • Research and analysis of the different segments.
  • • Data collection in each of these segments.
  • • Working meetings with the teams involved.
  • • Data processing and contrasting opinions.
  • • Conclusions and final report.
ANY QUESTIONS?Contact with us and we will inform you!

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Imagen Corporativa/ Eventos / Stands 3D

At Three Girls Studio, we are specialized in graphic design, from planning your logo, to design print ads including packaging and 3D modeling booth, all to the distinction of your business and your brand.

At Three Girls Studio we handle the design and development of the concept of marking display according to the needs of each client, using every space that offers the booth to highlight the product.

Some of our works

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